The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2012, live aquascaping contest - part 2

The Art of the Planted Aquarium is a live aquascaping contest, held every year during Heimtiermesse in Hannover, Germany ( In the second part of the report I present aquariums which took places 6-10 in the XL category (dimensions of aquariums: 100x50x50cm). There are no fish in the contest tanks - only aquarium plants, driftwood and stones. This is done on purpose, as fish would distract the viewers from admiring the aquascapes.

The winners (continued from Part 1):

6th place - Michał Maciejewicz, Poland; 7th place - Marcel Dykierek, Germany; 8th place - Jurijs Jutjajevs, Germany; 9th place - Jan Simon Knispel, Germany; 10th place - Tim Schmiedeshoff, Germany.





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