Best planted aquariums of the aquascaping contest at PetFair 2011 - pt. 1

The live aquascaping contest “Brillux” was organized during the PetFair 2011 zoological fair in the city of Łódź, Poland. The name of the contest is the same as the name of the “Brillux” aquariums provided by the sponsor, the AquaEl company (dimensions: 60x30x40cm). In this video I show only selected aquariums, these which I find best.

Authors of aquariums: Małgorzata Tarczyńska & Krzysztof Godziszewski, Michał Maciejewicz, Łukasz Kucharski, Łukasz Leżuch and Fishkeepers Association from the city of Kielce. Best planted aquariums of the “ShrimpSet” contest are presented in Part 2.





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