Planted aquarium gallery of the shop in Kraków, Poland

This is a short tour around the planted aquarium gallery of the shop, which is located in the city of Kraków in Poland. The shop specializes in stuff for planted aquariums - from aquarium plants themselves, through substrates, illumination, fertilizers, CO2 kits, aquariums, and finishing on fish :) In this tour we will see following aquariums: 175x60x60 cm tank with lots of Bolbitis heudelotii, 60x30x35 cm tank with interesting composition of Cryptocoryne balansae, 60x40x40 cm tank with rather rocky layout made of ADA Manten Stone, 60x30x36 cm tank with Staurogyne repens and Glossostigma elatinoides, 120x60x60 cm tank with a sandy “path” in the middle of the bottom, 120x50x50 cm tank resembling a rocky hill overgrown by grass, 90x45x45 cm tank with rocks and driftwood, and the longest planted aquarium I have ever seen, 265x60x60 cm tank with three “islands” made mostly of Ludwigia brevipes. Enjoy! :)





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