Planted aquariums presented at the booth of Tropica at InterZoo 2012

A more detailed video (comparing to the short walk around the Tropica’s booth) presenting aquariums displayed at the booth. There were 10 planted aquariums, 7 of which were arranged by Dan Crawford, Graeme Edwards, Mark Evans and Edward Franklin. The layouts are really original, it’s difficult to classify them - nice underwater gardens, where order of some groups of plants meets chaos of other groups. The use of red plants like Rotala macrandra or Althernathera reinecki adds contrast and dramatic effect to some of the layouts. All aquariums were described in details, with a map of plants and decorations, list of plants, and general description of the idea “behind” each composition. All these descriptions are shown in the video, so no need to provide more infos here - just see it yourself ;)





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