Best aquariums of the fair ZooBotanica 2011

Detailed video showing best aquariums arranged during the fair ZooBotanica 2011, organized in Wrocław, Poland on September 2011. First, I present very effective DIY external filtration system, build for Tanganyikan aquarium. There were no holes in the tank itself, water was getting to the filter through an ingenious overflow, which was bleeded automatically. Second, there was very original biotope aquarium arranged by members of the Fishkeepers’ Society of Wrocław - it was Asian stream, recreated together with the land part. And third, another biotope aquarium, or, better to say, two aquariums, one over the other, both standing on a shelving unit. The illumination of the whole setup created the illusion that both tanks were just “windows” through which one is observing one large water body. Very ingenious and attractive! :)





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