European karst spring (ENG sub)

European oxbow lake (ENG sub)

Aquarium Ideas - Natural biotope of an oxbow lake
Aquarium Ideas - Natural biotope of a karst spring


This section is one of the key-elements of my site, together with Marine Biotopes and Freshwater Aquariums. For me biotope tanks are the most interesting type of aquariums, as they try to simulate the natural environment and conditions in which our fish live. Understanding behavior of many aquarium fish is not possible without the knowledge about their habitats. Sometimes we can’t observe some of the natural activities of a particular species of aquarium fish, simply because we have no idea of how their environment should look like to “trigger” those activities. So I started to film the freshwater habitats of fish. My main goal is to film the habitats of aquarium fish in the tropics, but in Central Europe there are also many beautiful underwater aquascapes.




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