Freshwater aquarium no. 3 - 110 x 50 x 50 cm

Location: Nature Aquarium Academy, Łódź, Poland, Age: about 7 months. Size: 110x50x50 cm. Lighting: 2 x NA Lamp “green” 150W HQI 8000K. Filtration: Eheim Pro e3, Eheim Pro 2222. CO2 supply: ca. 3 bubbles / sec.

    The main plant of this dark-green layout is Bolbitis heudelotii “compact”, attached to several pieces of driftwood. A group of Anubias sp. adds some diversity in the front. For the bottom, species of slow growing aquarium plants are selected, to minimize the trimming. The most interesting aspect of this aquarium is a Philodendron species, growing above the water surface, yet with immersed roots. This Philodendron was imported from New Guinea, and it creates a more natural, wild appearance of the whole layout.





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