Freshwater aquarium no. 4 - iwagumi 60x30x36 cm

Location: Nature Aquarium Academy, Łódź, Poland, Age: about 1 year. Dimensions: 60x30x36 cm. Lighting: 2 x 24W T5 fluorescent. Filtration: ADA SuperJet-600 external filter. CO2 supply: ca. 1.5 bubble / sec.

    This layout, arranged by Paweł Iglewski, is somewhat “experimental”, because it uses driftwood in a composition similar to iwagumi style - which is usually arranged using stones. In the background the substrate is elevated, creating a shelf, planted with unusual species of Hygrophila - Hygrophila sp. Manau. It is a stemmed plant, like other hygrophilas, but it is procumbend, creeping on the substrate rather than growing up. It seems to be a difficult aquatic plant, and guys from NA Academy didn’t have much success with it.





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