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Aquarium no. 22 - 265x60x60 cm


Aquarium no. 21 - 60x30x36 cm

Aquarium no. 20 - 120x60x60 cm

Aquarium no. 19 - 60x40x40 cm

Aquarium no. 18 - 60x30x35 cm

Aquarium no. 17 - 175x60x60 cm

Aquarium no. 16 - 100x50x50 cm

This section is another key-element of my site, together with Freshwater Biotopes and Marine Biotopes. Here you will find movies showing planted aquariums and biotope aquariums. I show maps of the arrangement of aquatic plants, and I provide data about the filtration, illumination, fertilization etc. The movies are shot from the tripod, and there is no spoken commentary - only music and beautiful aquariums. Some tanks presented here were also filmed when hand-helding the camera, so there is a good chance that you will find additional informations in the Aquarium Exhibition or Zoological Fairs sections. Always check the description - if there is another movie about a particular tank, there will be a link to it.




Aquarium no. 14 - 100x50x50 cm




Aquarium no. 15 - 100x50x50 cm


Aquarium Ideas - Planted Aquarium by Dawid Staś
Aquarium Ideas - Planted Aquarium by Jan Simon Knispel
Aquarium Ideas - Planted Aquarium by Adrie Baumann