Aquatics Live 2011 - part 3, interview with George Farmer from UKAPS

Aquatics Live 2011 was a fishkeeping and reptile show, the largest organized in London for 20 years. One of the most interesting stands for aquatic plant keepers was the stand of UK Aquatic Plants Society (UKAPS, I asked George Farmer, one of the founders and a member of UKAPS, to tell me something about three planted aquariums presented on the stand. Those were 60x30x36 cm, 90x45x45 cm and 36x22x26 cm ADA Opti White glass aquariums, all kept in “nature aquarium” style. The two larger tanks were arranged by Eduard Gercog, who created “islands” in the middle of the bottom, with the use of stones, driftwood and plants. The smaller aquarium was arranged by Tony Swinney, and it was a nice composition of Seryu stones and a lot of Ranunculus sp. We also discuss technical aspects of the aquascapes.





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