Aquariums of InterZoo 2012, the largest zoological fair in the world - part 1

InterZoo 2012 was the 32nd edition of the largest trade fair on pet supplies of the world, held on 17-20 May 2012. This fair is organized every two years in the city of Nürnberg, Germany. Over 38000 visitors and 1500 exhibitors attended the fair. All exhibition booths were located in nine large exhibition halls. It took almost the whole day just to walk around all halls - without chatting with the exhibitors at all! Large-scale event, indeed. The first video is just a preview of what you will see in the whole series. I’ll show you i.a. the largest aquarium of the fair at the booth of the Sera company, the largest reef tank at the booth of De Jong Marinelife company, beautiful planted aquariums at the booth of the Tropica company, and a marine tank with lots of clownfish at the booth of the Agriver company. Stay tuned for the next episode!





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