Aquariums of InterZoo 2012, Nürnberg - parts 2-7  ( playlist of six videos !)

It’s a PLAYLIST of six videos ! Wait for each video to end, and the next one will start automatically!

Six videos showing some company booths of InterZoo 2012 zoological fair. Sera - the largest aquarium of the fair, with about 300 of large african cichlids. Hagen - several stylish nano-aquariums: Fluval Spec, Fluval Edge and Fluval Chi. AquaEl - original aquarium inspired by Euro 2012 football championship. Stoffels International - new plant species in the aquarium trade, Staurogyne bihar from Indonesia, and the smallest planted aquarium of the fair. Schuran - various Plexiglass tanks for keeping jellyfish. and Finally, Aquarium Systems / Newa - 3 marine cubes, stocked exclusively with fish and jellyfish bred in captivity.





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