Aquariums of InterZoo 2012, Nürnberg - part 8 (Dähne Verlag, JBL)

Video presenting aquariums at the booths of Dähne Verlag and JBL companies. The first aquarium, at the Düahne Verlag booth, is a planted nano aquarium arranged by Adrie Baumann from Aquascaping Symphony. Really nice, densely planted aquarium, with 8 different plant species: Bucephalandra motleyana, Christmas moss, Cryptocoryne sp. "Flamingo", Cryptocoryne parva, Didiplis diandra, Hemianthus callitrichoides “Cuba”, Ludwigia arcuata and Staurogyne repens. The aquarium at JBL’s booth is quite the opposite - very large tank, with lots of open space, and totally different in colouration - Adrie’s nano aquarium is dark green, whereas JBL’s tank is really bright. Very interesting sedimentary rocks were used for decoration, with horizontal layers of two different minerals. Not sure, though, if Discus and Arowanas are the best stocking for such layout...





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