Aquariums of InterZoo 2012, Nürnberg - part 10 (Honest Star Ltd.)

Video showing two marine aquariums at the booth of the Honest Star company. Dimensions of both tanks were about 110 x 50 x 70 cm, and the equipment was almost the same - the ingenious Rapids Pro filtration system. It consist of patented Overflow Box, which collects the water from the aquarium and supplies it to the external filter, of the external filter itself, which is called Rapids Pro, and of Auto Fill System, which automatically replenishes the evaporated water. In the left tank there was additional hang-on-back filter Rapids Power, equipped with protein skimmer. All in all, this system seems to be very effective, because the water in these aquariums was so amazingly clear that it was barely visible. Without the air bubbles carried by the water current one could say that the fish are swimming in air :)





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