Aquariums of ZooBotanica 2011, Wrocław - part 2 (right side of the Hall)

Second part of my report from ZooBotanica 2011 fair, organized on September 2011. This time aquariums displayed on the left side of the exhibition hall. Most of the are freshwater aquariums, but there is also one booth with marine aquariums - there is one Homarus americanus exhibited, and marine aquarium fish and corals bred in captivity. As for freshwater aquariums, there are some tanks for shrimps, some typical African-cichlid tanks, but most important - some nice biotope aquariums, out of which the tank arranged by Wrocławskie Towarzystwo Akwarystyczne (Fishkeepers Association from Wrocław) really stands out. It is a fragment of Asian stream, lost somewhere in the tropical forest, recreated with the land part. A must-see! :)





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