Aquariums of ZooBotanica 2011, Wrocław - part 4 (shrimp championship)

The fourth and the last part of the report from ZooBotanica 2011 fair, held on September 2011 in the city of Wrocław in Poland. For the end I left the Open Shrimp Champrionship - competition of freshwater shrimps. There were five categories in the Championship, namely “Cristal Red”, “Blcak Bee / Biene”, “Tiger”, “Neocaridina heteropoda” and “Open”, the last one grouping all shrimps not grouped in the previous four categories. There were 16 nanoaquariums with shrimps exhibited during the Championship. There was also additional attraction for all shrimps-fans, which was a small exhibition of shrimps bred by Michael Nadal, shrimp-breeder from Germany. All in all, lots of nice shrimps! :)





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