Aquariums of ZooBotanica 2012, Wrocław - part 1

ZooBotanica 2012 fair was organized on 14-16 September 2012 in the city of Wrocław in Poland. It was 11th edition of the fair, this event has a long tradition. This year aquatic part of the fair was particularly large. It had several parts: first, aquarium exhibition made by Polish forums and fishkeepers’ associations; second, live nano-aquarium aquascaping contest; third, exhibition of bottom-dwelling fish; fourth, Open Shrimp Championship, and five, last but not least, exhibition of marine, saltwater shrimps. There were also some interesting tanks at the booths of aquarium companies. Anyway, aquarium exhibition made by members of fishkeepers’ forums and associations consisted mostly of biotope tanks, but there were also some very good and original planted aquariums. In the first video I present first fragment of this exhibition.





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