Aquariums of ZooBotanica 2012, Wrocław - part 3

Third part of the report, and another collection of various aquariums arranged by fishkeepers’ forums and associations. This time it’s the second alley of the aquarium exhibition, with tanks displayed by Betta fish fans,  Cichlid fans, members of fishkeepers’ association from Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, and members of the Aquarium Forum of Podkarpackie region. Betta fans arranged six aquariums, one with snails, three with domestic varietes of Bettas, and two biotope aquariums with wild Bettas. Best aquarium arranged by Cichlids fans was a large biotope tank with two species of earth-eaters. Fishkeepers from Kujawsko-Pomorskie region arranged two biotope aquariums, one large with tiger barbs, and one small with some killifish. Finally, aquarists from Podkarpackie region arranged five tanks, including two very nice planted aquariums.





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