Aquariums of ZooBotanica 2012, Wrocław - part 4

Last part of the aquarium exhibition arranged by Polish fishkeepers’ forums and associations. Mainly biotope aquariums, but also some planted ones. First, booth of the Fishkeepers Association from Tricity, with two aquariums. One tank was stocked with young Green Terror Cichlids and with one freshwater stingray, and the second was a Central European coldwater tank. Next booth belonged to Fishkeepers Society from Upper Silesia, with one Cichlid tank, one planted-only tank, and one very nice planted nanoaquarium. At the booth of “Ekologiczny Rybny Kwadrat Akwarystyczny” (a project run by Ania Malinowska, aiming at promoting biotope tanks and protecting endangered habitats of tropical fish) there were two South-American biotope aquariums. And finally, Snakeheads’ Fans Forum displayed two biotope aquarium with snakeheads.





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