Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2011, London - part 2

Second part of video-report from Aquatics Live show, organized in the Olympia Two Hall in London on November 2011. I present three booths. At BiOrb’s booth visitors could see various BiOrbs tanks - which are acrylic, with small “undergravel”, sponge-based air driven filter and LED lighting. Motto - “Plastic is fantastic”, the only thing which is real in these tanks are fish, and maybe some substrate ;) In contrast, there were two very good planted aquariums at the booth of Aquatic Design Centre. The first one was a classic, rectangular tank, the second one was a large cube, with some epiphytic plants attached to the emersed part of driftwood decorations. And finally, at the JBL’s booth there were two aquariums, one small with very nice guppies, and one larger, high and narrow, which could be watched through circular holes cut in the cabinet.





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