Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2011, London - part 5

The fifth and the last video of the series about aquariums of Aquatics Live 2011 show in London. During the show live aquascaping contest was organized. There were ten aquariums provided by Dennerle, Nano Cubes 60, which were scaped by nine participants (one cube was left unscaped). There are some really nice layouts, but I can’t prevent the impression that both the organizers and the scapers treated this contest a little bit like an experiment, something new for them, and they didn’t know exactly how to deal with it. There is something “uncertain” in the scapes, as if aquascapers didn’t plan in advance that they will be attending the contest... I might be wrong, of course, but this year’s contest (I mean, during Aquatics Live 2012) yielded much more “mature” layouts.





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