Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2012, London - part 2

Second video from Aquatics Live 2012 show in London, and very good aquariums displayed at the booth of AquaJardin company. The first aquarium was “only” ;) a marine tank, manufactured by Red Sea company, with some living rock, some anthias, and some other marine fish. The next four aquariums were planted tanks, with plants supplied by Tropica. The first one had aquarium plants easy for beginners, not requiring lots of light or CO2 supplementation. The second tank was more demanding, with plant species harder to grow and to maintain, and the third one was an absolute eye-candy, with most demanding plants, fertilization and constant CO2 supply. There were also beautiful tropical aquarium fish in all aquariums, including Electric Blue Rams, Beckford’s pencilfish, Apistogramma agassizi and Sawbwa resplendens.





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