Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2012, London - part 3

In this episode I show you aquariums displayed at the booth of UK Aquatic Plants Society, or UKAPS. There were two planted tanks arranged by the members of UKAPS, one large one, and one nano-cube. The large tank was illuminated by two Fluval LED lighting stripelights. This aquarium lighting is designed in a very ingenious way, with several colours of LEDs mixed together, to provide as broad light spectrum as possible for the aquatic plants. In the background of the aquarium there were numerous specimens of Microsorum, Echinodorus, Cryptocoryne and Anubias, and the bottom was planted with Hydrocotyle and Echinodorus tenellus. Aquarium was constantly supplied with CO2. The second aquarium, the nano-cube, was a little bit chaotic, but also very nice, with Staurogyne, Alternathera, Cryptocoryne and some aquatic moss.





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