Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2012, London - part 4

There was an aquascaping contest organized during Aquatics Live 2012 show, and obviously I have filmed all the aquariums taking part in the contest :) These were standard aqaurium kits provided by Tetra, and they were arranged by ten participants of the contest. The most common aquascape was “Two hills separated by clear path in the middle” layout, with many variations. Aquarium had only standard illumination, build-in in the aquarium hoods, and there was no fertilization and no CO2 supplementation - the life span of the exhibition was too short to think about growing aquarium plants :) There were also no aquarium fish, probably because of the same reason. Anyway, several interesting aquascapes were arranged, my favourite being layout by Tony Swinney, with lots of driftwood, Bolbitis heudelotii, Hygrophila pinnatifida and Vallisneria in the back.





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