Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2012, London - part 5

In this episode of my report from Aquatics Live 2012 I show aquariums displayed at booths of various companies. The first one is JBL, and interesting planted aquarium of unusual shape, high, long, and narrow, with circular openings in walls of the cabinet. The second one is aquarium at the booth of Maidenhead Aquatics, but I show it as an example of very bad aquascaping - all plants are plastic, which looks horrible to me. Third booth displayed various Fluval products, there were three planted aquariums there, with very bright LED lighting. Especially the middle tank was really bright, but - surprisingly - Congo tetras present there were less affraid of this illumination as some platyfish, which theoretically shoud be more suitable for such bright conditions. And finally, aquariums at the booth of Pets at Home: two planted aquariums and two marine.





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