Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2012, London - part 6

In this short video I show an interesting (or funny?) gadget I saw during Aquatics Live 2012 show in London. It’s an automatic aquarium glass cleaner, called RoboSnail. It works as a self propelled magnetic cleaner - inside the aquarium there is  a “standard” magnetic cleaner, but it’s attached to the electronic “body”, instead of standard magnetic cleaner “handle”. The “body” is packed with electronics - 10 different sensors, wheels and electric motors, to allow the “body” to move along the glass. The “body” is fully programmable, i.e. you can literally teach it how it should behave on the wall of each particular aquarium - the route of the RoboSnail depends on the aquascape, because in some aquariums there might be obstacles which should be avoided, like fragments of living rock, for example. Useful...? Hmmm...





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