Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2012, London - part 9

One of the most interesting aquarium exhibitions at Aquatics Live 2012 show was that prepared by members of Hounslow and District Aquarist Society. It was presenting various methods of breeding tropical aquarium fish. The first aquarium presented method for breeding killifish, with the use of spawning mops. The second aquarium presented how to breed egg scattering fish, like most Danios - one needs a layer of marbles on the bottom, to prevent eggs from being eaten. Another way is to provide a thicket of low plants on the bottom - some eggs will remain undetected. For breeding fry carers you need some sort of shelter / substrate for the parents to lay eggs there, for livebearers - fine leaved plants for the fry to hide among them, and labirynth fish need some support for building their foam nest on the water surface, like floating plants.





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