Aquariums of Aquatics Live 2012, London - part 11

Another interesting aquarium exhibition at Aquatics Live 2012 in London. This time - fancy guppies, by Fancy Guppies UK Club. Our guide is Mr Stephen Elliott, the Event Manager of the Club. There were about 30 small aquariums at this exhibition, each stocked with some very nice strains of fancy guppies. Basically, there are three main groups of guppies: broad tails, sword tails, and short tails, and within these groups there are altogether 12 different tail shapes. During our tour we will see some short tails, like Panda guppy, some sword tails, like the upper sword, and some broad tails, like red or yellow black. Stephen tells us also some bits and bobs about genetics and the difficulties in breeding and raising high quality guppies.





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